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AGM Friday 3rd Oct 2014 5.00 – 7.00



The second AGM started with a welcome and apologies before signing off the minutes of last year’s AGM. Philip Eley then gave a Chairperson’s report with a reflective overview of the successes and difficulties of the last year. Peter Stride then gave a Vice-chair report carefully detailing a comprehensive list of all action taken by the group in the last year, which reinforced how active we had been for a relatively small group. The treasurer’s report showed that the group has responsibly handled its accounting. Members agreed that the draft accounts were accurate. The committee were re-elected in the same roles with no objections. We’re pleased to welcome Julie Brandon as a member of the committee in the role of Media and Communications Secretary.


With the official business of the AGM decided the group began an earnest discussion about the plan for 2014-2015. Discussion points included: how to get more members, what we need to do to be more successful in funding bids, what events should we pursue in the coming year, how can we build on our successful partnerships (e.g. Youth Cultural Strategy Group, Artizan), how we can develop new partnerships (e.g. South Devon College, Torre abbey, Anode), whether to develop a Torbay art trail for next year, how to continue to build a successful symbiotic relationship with Artizan, how best to decide the future structure of the group, whether and when to host another art market.


The Torbay cultural strategy document ‘ENJOY, TALK, DO, BE...A cultural strategy for Torbay and its communities 2014-2024’ was discussed. The document’s vision ‘Torbay: a landscape of culture...’ was broadly welcomed if it results in action. The group felt that TAA could find a place in mapping and sign-posting the arts strand of this proposed ‘landscape of culture,’ which would very much fit into our aims of advancing public engagement and promoting interest in the Arts in Torbay, with our long-term aim continuing to be to seek a dedicated arts venue in Torbay. 


Action points were made to: continue efforts to try to get a member of TAA as a representative on the cultural board; strategically consider a diary of Torbay events, looking for the bigger picture and considering opportunities for local artists; give sign-in details of the TAA website to Julie Brandon.


Next meeting: Friday 24th October at Artizan, 7 Lucius Street, 5-6pm committee meeting,  6-7pm open meeting for members and non-members.


Committee Meeting Friday 13th March


  • Present:  Philip Eley - Chair

  •               Peter Stride - Vice Chair

  •              Richard James - Treasurer             

  •              Vera Stride - member

  •              Julie Brandon - Communications Officer Philip

  • Treasurer’s report: No money in or out

  • Community Interest Company: We continue to make progress with this (Thanks to Richard). Documents were signed

  • Report from Artizan – at the last Artizan Coffee Meet there seemed to be some interest in art markets if Council could be persuaded to allow us to use an outside space and a Torbay Open Studio. Also would like to progress the idea of creating displays in empty shops but not for no remuneration. Important that any such scheme should pay for artists time and materials. Biggest problem with any of these initiatives will be getting interest and involvement to make them happen. Do we need to advertise subject specific meetings to gauge interest? Gallery is also exploring the possibility of taking an Exhibition to London with steady progress being made with this.

  • Palk Street. Julie had a meeting with Liam Montgomery of TDA re Pop-up shops, specifically Palk Street: Because this is a listed building no rates are payable whilst it is empty, but business rates obligation would immediately kick in once it were occupied. Discussion around whether we could apply for small business rates relief as a CIC (someone to check?) Is there enough interest out there? Check on TAN (Peter). The alternative is that we take on another council owned shop in a less good location which would not come with such complications. A list of shops available is to be sent to us by Liam. Some discussion also around CDT ‘Aging well’ and the upcoming inaugural Torbay Culture Forum Meeting which has a strong health focus. Richard, Peter and Julie will be attending.

  • AOB: Lucius St traders looking to close the street in the summer to celebrate 150 years, this could incorporate an Art Market that the group could be involved with,  date to be agreed with other shops in the street, 3rd October ‘charity day’ family variety show for Macmillan at Palace theatre.

  • Dates of next meeting: Fri 15th May - Cimmittee 5-6pm Public 6-7pm




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