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Our Story

Torbay Action for Art formed as an officially constituted group in July 2013. The original spark was an Open Space event which Torbay Council organised by inviting over 200 artists and culturally interested individuals to the Riviera Centre to discuss the cultural future of Torbay. One of the findings of the event was that there is a lot of desire for a dedicated arts space in Torbay. The group recognise that this won't happen overnight but feel that it can be achieved. In the meantime we meet regularly to pursue this aim, to support each other, netwok and to promote the arts in Torbay. 


Aim 1. In pursuit of a dedicated arts space in the Bay we have visited various sites, spoken to varous councillors, met with the Torbay Development Agency, contacted arts venues to seek advice, written a business plan, sent a statement of intent to the three neighbourhood plans, and generally moved this idea forward over the year we have existed.


Aim 2. To advance public engagement with the arts we have started to organise and host group exhibitions. Group members have also organised and been involved with various events and projects which advance public engaement in the arts. In the past year group members have been heavily involved in Cokington Ceramics Festival, Brixham Pirate Festival, The Museum of Happy and other projects. 


Aim 3. To promote interest, understanding and participation in the arts we have been looking to develop pop-up shops. 

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